Welcome to Interact

Acting classes to increase confidence , co-operation, communication and stage skills! 

Interact Drama Classes began life in 1996 as a twelve student adult class managed by the Fortune Theatre, and was taken over by Theatreworks Ltd and a trio of local actor/director professionals - Martin Phelan, Cindy Diver and Hilary Norris. Since then we have built that single class into the ten classes with 170+ students of all-ages school that it is today.

The philosophy behind our classes has always been the empowerment of students with confidence, creativity and performance knowledge. All Interact tutors are professionals by trade, making their living in the performance industry and bringing to their teaching practical and proven performance skills and training techniques. As professionals we know that there is no 'one' method of performance training that works for everybody, so we have cut and paste different styles/techniques to tailor-make the classes to suit the needs and skill levels of our students.

The skills gained are then put into practice (as we believe 'acting is doing'), and the students work on small performances in the class space, and twice-yearly productions produced for family and friends.

New students can enrol and come along to the first class as an introduction before committing for the term, and if they decide it’s not for them then they only pay for that one session attended.

2019 heralds our 23rd year of teaching acting skills in Dunedin. In that time, we’ve provided work for over 50 tutors, performed over 290 plays and taught over 2300children and adults. While some of them have gone on to become professional actors, all of them come away with a stronger sense of self and raised confidence.

Our classes are held in 97 Moray Place, Dunedin in the Queens Room.