Theatreworks Casting

Theatreworks has been providing casting directors, wranglers and assistants since 1993

Cindy Diver and her team of experienced assistants are available to cast anywhere in Otago and Southland, with twenty years of experience in the industry under their belts and a large network of the talented and creative local organisations to call on to ensure no stone left unturned to fill the roles you require. Cindy's many years in the local TV & Film industry mean she can also assist in networking you with applicable studio's, production houses, techs and other production essentials.

Casting and Wrangling rates are negotiable on daily, half day and project casting

Contact Cindy Diver on +64 3 477 1599, 0274 314 025

or to discuss your project needs.

Theatreworks Casting Credits:


2020 - The Power of the Dog (feature film) Extras Casting Assistant for Bad Girl Creek Productions 

2020 - Canvass (Short Film) for Legal Fiction (in production)

2019 - Black Christmas (Feature Film) Dunedin Casting for Candy Cane Productions 

2019 - Sparkle Motion(Online Game in development) Voice Talent casting for Rocketwerkz 

2019 - Only Cloud Knows (Feature Film) Dunedin Casting for Alibabar Films 

2019 - Hot Chocolate(Short Film) for Legal Fiction 

2019 - Justice of Bunny King (Short Film) Dunedin Casting for Firefly films 

2018 - Cold Fish(Short Film) for David Hay 

2016 - Run Rabbit (Short Film) Dunedin Casting and 2ndAD for Lippy Pictures 

2016 - Only at Otago (TVC) for University of Otago 

2016 - Wanted TV (Drama Series) Dunedin casting for MBNZ Wanted LTD

2016 - Lotto - Hills Hoist ( TVC) Dunedin casting for The Sweet Shop 

2016 - Toyota Believe - (TVC ) Casting Dunedin for ReelWorld 

2015 - Mates and Dates (Educational Short) Casting Director and acting coach for Rape Crisis NZ 

2013 - Tiger Tea Bus (Short Film) Casting Director / Director of Drama - Video Factory

2009 -Mainland Cheese - Cheese Day (TVC) Dunedin Casting for Colenso BBDO 

2008 -Your place in the World (TVC) for University of Otago 

2008 -Netflix (TVC USA), Casting assistant and Casting Wrangler, Queenstown Film Productions

2008 -Wolverine (Feature Film) Extras Casting Dunedin, WOZ Productions

2007- The Contender (TV series) Casting Dunedin

2007- Evidence (Web Game Series) Casting Director, Clocktower Productions

2007 - DFAT (Australian Govt Educational TVC), Casting Assistant & Wrangler, Cranbrook Films 

2006 - Bird Brain- Moisture Master (TVC) Casting Director, Taylormade Productions

2006 - Cockroach Wars (TV series) Casting Assistant Dunedin

2006 - Passion in Paradise (TV Series) Wakefield and Larnach Eps, Casting Director Dunedin

2006 - The Pretender (TV series) Casting Dunedin for Great Southern Television 

2006 - Out of the Blue (feature film) Casting assistant Extras & Chaperone for Condor Films 

2006 - Go Show (TV Series) for Pickled Possom

2004 - Sylvia (feature film) Extras Casting and Wrangling for The Girl Productions 

2002 - Peter Pan (Feature Film) Dunedin Casting Assistant to Di Rowan for Columbia Tristar 

1999 - Scarfies (feature film) Extras Casting and wrangling for Nightmare Productions 

1999 - Scotts Paper Towel (TVC USA)

1996 - Lost World -Jurassic Park Dunedin Casting Assistant to Di Rowan for Universal Pictures

Cindy Diver also worked as a casting assistant to Casting Directors Diana Rowan, Penny Olfield, Liz Mullane, Rachel Bullock, & Bex Comber on a large number of films, television productions and TVC's from 1993 to present.