Corprate Links

Corporate links

These are fantastic local practicioners that Theatreworks Ltd endorses.

Presentation & Speech Coach!

Hilary Norris, professional actor, director and voice coach offers sessions to release the full potential of your voice.

  • Relaxation techniques to help with presentation nerves

  • Discovering and working with muscularity of the mouth, jaw, tongue and lips to improve articulation and clarity.

  • Widening your vocal range for maximum effect.

  • Supporting and projecting your voice in order to fill a space.

  • Learning more about the ability to use shape and structure speech when communicating with individuals or large groups.

  • Using text to discover the potential of your voice.

For those who would like to build confidence in public speaking, conference presentations, lecturing, and other forms of verbal communication

Contact 473 7836 or 021306413


Counterpoint was formed in 2012, by a group of University of Otago graduates who were frustrated at the lack of opportunities for young theatre makers to produce work and the lack of stories for young people on the Dunedin stage. After seeing many of their colleagues move away to the brighter lights of Wellington and Auckland and struggle due to increased competition, Counterpoint decided to grow a theatre industry in Dunedin to foster young actors, directors, writers and designers.

  • Foster a youth oriented theatre industry in Dunedin that produces work by young people for young people.

  • Provide opportunities for young theatre practitioners to hone their craft in a supportive environment

  • Remove barriers to young people producing their work, by offering financial, administrative and production assistance.

  • Promote the up skilling of young artists by running workshops led by industry professionals.

Check out our 2013 Season at:


Improsaurus is Dunedin’s own critically acclaimed improvised comedy troupe. Beginning in 2009 as a group of Otago University students looking for a creative outlet, Improsaurus has since grown and developed, gaining a great reputation within the Dunedin community. Since 2011 they have performed a fortnightly show at the Fortune Theatre studio to a consistently large and loyal crowd.

Improsaurus’ speciality is its own original brand of long form improv, and fresh, innovative formats developed by the troupe each fortnight.

As well as regular shows, Improsaurus offers a range of things:

  • Reasonably priced entertainment for corporate or private events

  • Education programmes for school aged children

  • Improvisation workshops

  • Support for charity or community events

Improsaurus perform every second Friday at the Fortune Theatre Studio. For more information